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Trylon Titan Self-Supporting Towers

Looking for a reasonably priced support structure for an antenna or security camera mount? You’ve come to the right place! The Trylon Titan is a light- to medium-duty tower ideal for:

Amateur radio antennas
Wireless LAN – WLAN
LPFM radio stations
Surveillance camera
Wireless ISP
Police, fire, and emergency services

The tower itself is galvanized and utilizes nut and bolt construction for easy installation or repair.

Since its introduction in 1977, the Titan™ Self-Support Tower has been used in over 15,000 successful installations across North America. Applications include telemetry, satellite TV, wireless LAN, wireless Internet, mobile radio and amateur radio.

The Titan Self-Support Tower is a modular, pre-engineered system available in increments up to a height of 96 ft. (28.8 m). The system consists of 12 different 8 ft. (2.4 m) sections designed to interlock with one another.

The drawings below illustrate the 12 tower modules, which comprise the complete Titan Self Support system:




Tower Model


Maximum Height


70 MPH


85 MPH


100 MPH




T 200


96 feet


200 lbs /15sq ft





T 300


88 feet


300 lbs/22 sq ft


110 lbs / 6 sq ft





T 400


80 feet


460 lbs / 34 sq ft


240 lbs /12 sq ft





T 500


72 feet


600 lbs / 45 sq. ft


450 lbs / 22 sq ft


160 lbs / 6 sq ft




T 600


64 feet


800 lbs / 60 sq ft


700 lbs / 35 sq ft


400 lbs / 15 sq ft




T 700


56 feet


1000 lbs / 80 sq ft


900 lbs / 45 sq ft


660 lbs / 25 sq ft




T 800


48 feet


1300 lbs / 99 sq ft


1130 lbs/ 58 sq ft


900 lbs / 35 sq ft








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