ATLANTIS Eight Channel Broadcast Mixer Console


8-Channel Broadcast Mixer Console


The Atlantis 8 Channel Mixer has been specifically designed to satisfy all TV and Radio requirements, particularly in broadcast applications. It is easy to understand its use and it has maximum flexibility, especially in dubbing and program production. The components used have been selected from the best available on the market, including the rotary potentiometers, sliders, connectors and switches. Inside the chassis Atlantis is completely modular allowing for increased ease of maintenance.

Atlantis features 3 balanced MIC inputs, 6 balanced stereo line inputs, 3 unbalanced stereo line inputs (i.e. PHONO input, TAPE input, etc.), and 2 TELEPHONE inputs with the capability of CONFERENCING. The master features 5 outputs: 2 balanced stereo outputs, 2 unbalanced stereo outputs, 1 unbalanced mono output along with a specifically designed TALK OVER section. The monitor offers 1 external input (tuner) and 3 outputs: stereo monitor, headphones, and stereo control-room with TALK BACK feature. Two LED meters with peak memory allow for constant signal control. The 2 telephone channels, with hybrid built in, feature the capability of controlling the INCOMING-CALL and ON/OFF-HOOK indicators. Amplifier cut-off and ON AIR lamp indicator output are standard. The external switching power supply gives voltages between 90 and 260VAC along with maximum reliability.