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Easy LPFM Radio Licensing

Easy LPFM Radio LicensingThe LPFM Store has set up hundreds of low power FM and commercial FM radio stations across the United States. We support hundreds of other installations in other parts of the world. We can assist you or your organization to start a new Radio Station – either broadcasting on a low power basis, on a commercial full-power FM frequency, or on the internet.ย  If you’re interested in starting up a new LPFM radio station or an FM radio station, you’re in the right place! We are broadcasters ourselves! One of the few LPFM radio broadcasters that have made the progression to obtaining a full-power FM radio frequency and operating commercially.ย  This journey has enabled us to offer unparalleled support through all the stages of building and operating a radio station.

Complete LPFM Radio Engineering Services

Our all-encompassing services cater specifically to launching licensed LPFM radio stations within the United States. We’re your one-stop solution for the entire journey! Everything from FCC licensing to strategic studio and antenna placement. Including equipment procurement, radio automation software setup, studio equipment installation. Comprehensive training on equipment & station operation. We’re your dedicated partner in transforming your vision of a Low Power FM Radio Station into a reality!ย  Guiding you from inception to a successful launch.

We offer a turnkey solution to help you establish and operate a successful LPFM radio station in the United States. Our expertise and support cover every aspect of the process. Resulting in making your journey into the world of radio broadcasting as smooth and efficient as possible. Whether you’re an aspiring broadcaster or an organization, The LPFM Radio Store is your trusted partner in bringing your LPFM radio station dreams to life.

Let’s get your new Low Power FM Radio Station on the air!