Steve Thomas

4:07pm May 15

Does character still count with the FCC, when it comes to who gets and who keeps a LPFM license? I know of one licensee with some serious character issues, some involving the law and threatening to shoot a fellow broadcaster; for allegedly stealing advertisers. The licensee, also has two CP’s, one for a com and a non com. For the record: The FCC, just renewed the license last month; despite some non favorable rulings by a judge in a few criminal matters.

Nexus Broadcast

4:23pm May 15

As with many things in society these days its counting less and less. Short of a felony conviction there isnt much that can be done. And in some cases they just move the license to their spouse when a felony becomes a problem. I know of at least one LPFM operating in this manner. Possibly if there are several misdemeanor convictions, specially if they involve fraud there might be something that can be done. But license renewal is the time to bring this up for existing stations.

Does character still count with the FCC, when it c…