FCC Fast Tracks LPFM Window

On February 22nd, 2012 FCC Audio Chief Peter Doyle was a panelist at the annual National Religious Broadcasters Conference at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. The first question concerned LPFM and translators with several related follow-up questions. The FCC plans in the next six to nine months to start processing frozen translator applications (starting in rural areas) and simultaneously open an LPFM Window. Apparently the Audio Division has made its recommendations and the proposed rulemaking is “at the Commission.” Pundits believe the Rulemaking will be voted on by the Commission at its April meeting.

When asked about 10 watt LPFM’s Doyle commented, “LPFM groups are not satisfied with 100 watts, they want 250, not 10 watts.” Apparently getting permission from OMB and other procedural matters will be the reason for any further delays; the FCC is “moving forward to helps both translator applicants and future LPFM application.

P.S. When NAB President Gordon Smith spoke Sunday night at a Policy Banquet, he supported NRB concerns about threats to Freedom of Speech, Press, and Religion.”

Thanks to John Broomall for the FCC update from this years NRB convention.