Alan McCall

1:26am May 9

FCC levies $9k penalty against Texas LPFM for not having EAS.

Chuck Conrad

2:51am May 9

If I’m not mistaken, that LPFM is supposedly the originating station for a translator in Garland, Texas. I have no problem with LPFM’s using translators, but this one is unusual. It is about 50-60 miles from Greenville to Garland. Do you think they really receive the signal “Direct off air” as the FCC specifies? A lot of people think the translator is originating the signal from Garland. Who knows what the truth is, but there seem to be several “red herrings” in this story. There may be more to this than meets the eye.

Nexus Broadcast

2:05pm May 9

I warned them repeatedly over the years about the EAS situation. They turned a deaf ear on it like so many of these. I told them it was only a matter of time before the FCC caught up with them. Sadly this situation is very common. We will be alerting other clients about this – with the NAL in hand – hopefully being close to home and in print will make more take this seriously.

Nexus Broadcast

2:06pm May 9

That sad part is – rather than paying the $2500 – $3000 to get this right equipment wise – they now will have to pay $9000 on top of that. $12,000 instead pf $3000. Thats an expensive loan.

Nexus Broadcast

2:57pm May 9

The translator is on the outskirts of Garland and it was walked there originally from Greenville. The input station was never changed or questioned. I cannot comment on the input situation. This was another reason they needed to keep things like the EAS legal – one problem may cause their entire situation to fall.

Chuck Conrad

4:00pm May 9

It is amazing to me that people ignore the obvious things, which lead to their downfall. Kind of like when Al Capone was finally arrested for “Tax Evasion.”

FCC levies $9k penalty against Texas LPFM for not …