Gene Rowley

3:00am Mar 27

Remember to invite all your friends/acquaintances who are passionate about LPFM to join this page. There is strength in numbers and we need to stay on top of the “Translator Onslaught” … which is one step above a full on Zombie invasion! Be prepared!

Peter Krysafis

4:11am Mar 27

the abuse of the translator and lpfm rules by a select handful of extremely large religious and mega corporations / organizations is a real sore spot with me.

Alan McCall

4:09pm Mar 28

I filed a comment in Docket 99-25 opposing a position held by LifeTalk Radio which kind of touches on this. Using LPFM basically as a translator doesn’t sit well with me. And I was pretty blunt in telling the FCC this.

John Brown

11:34pm Apr 28

In Cincinnati, Clear Channel has invaded every single piece of open FM real estate with translator stations that are either rebroadcasting HD Radio channels (In my opinion that should be ILLEGAL) or putting the AM stations on FM (to “attract smartphone users”). I think this translator invasion is the death of the FM dial. There is absolutely no room for LPFM in Cincinnati thanks to this crap.

Paul Walker

12:36am May 9

While I have no problem with translators rebroadcasting HD channels… I do think Clear Channel sucking up every frequency is another story.

By the way.. an FM translator on an AM station.. to atract smartphone users.. where’d you get that logic? People who use smartphones that much probably wouldnt listen, Am, FM or otherwise.

John Brown

2:42am May 9

I know. It makes no sense. But here in Cincinnati, 700 WLW is now simulcast on 94.5 FM within the 275 loop. It’s a 99 watt rimshot translator. Wasn’t smartphone listening what iheart radio was designed for????? Clear Channel needs to be shut down. They stink!

John Brown

2:46am May 9

And the smartphone comment was straight out of the mouth of CC. I forget where I saw it, but they basically said they needed WLW on the FM dial for smartphones that lack AM tuners and office buildings downtown that can’t get reception of WLW’s 50,000 watt signal (Which DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! 99 watts FM from a few miles away and going through concrete will be far weaker than 50kW AM from 15 miles away)

Remember to invite all your friends/acquaintances …