Tim Coco

6:23pm Apr 28

The New England premiere screening of the award-winning documentary, “Corporate FM: The Killing of Local Commercial Radio,” will take place in Haverhill in June.

Dinner and a panel discussion with movie Director Kevin McKinney and local media experts will accompany the screening beginning at 6 p.m., Wed., June 19, at Chunky’s Cinema Pub, 371 Lowell Ave., Haverhill. Proceeds from the movie will benefit nonprofit radio station WHAV. Filmmakers McKinney and Producer Jill McKeever explain the motivation behind the film.

“Corporate FM is about what happens when a city loses a communal microphone. Radio’s broad coverage gives it the ability to unify huge populations. Unlike Facebook, Satellite radio or Web-based music sharing apps, locally owned terrestrial radio can reach thousands of people across all incomes and ages in a local region at the same time with a message that is relevant to them at that moment.”

Tickets are $60 for WHAV members and $85 for nonmembers and may be purchased at www.WHAV.net or by calling (978) 374-1900.

The New England premiere screening of the award-wi…