Cheryl Boudreaux Gifford

5:50pm Mar 28

The Young Rascals had a hit, “Good Lovin,” and like The Four Seasons
did for Joey Reynolds, Rascals’ keyboardist, Bill Pascali recorded a
song for Dr. Dr. Thayer. The song, “Two Million,” was finished last
night at the WZPH studios, and is receiving “heavy airplay.”

Dr. Dr. Thayer bought 96.7 fm, WZPH, The Zephyr in March, 2005 and
started playing 10,000 songs. That accomplished in about a month, the
sites were set upon 100,000 in a row, which was seemingly, an
impossible goal, but was reached, so the talk of the town,
Zephyrhills, FL, USA, Earth, Milky Way, was: “What next?”

How about a million?


Big celebration for the 500,000th song in a row with superstars from
oldies rock ‘n’ roll singing live on the air.
Then the ONE MILLIONTH. A Saturday night in Oct., 2010. 9 o’clock.
Live from the stage in downtown Z’hills.

Brief lull, but songs continued, and claims to fame and
congratulations poured in. But…

What next?

The Mayan calendar’s ending came and passed, so it was determined the
world will go on, so why should not WZPH go on…


If lightning does not strike WZPH, and if hurricanes don’t blow down
the tower, it is projected to happen in April, 2016.

Sundheim Joyce

3:58pm Mar 29

Well written Cheryl Boudreaux Gifford—thanks for your efforts…

Cheryl Boudreaux Gifford

4:00pm Mar 29

Thanks, but Doc gets the credit for writing it.

The Young Rascals had a hit, “Good Lovin,” and lik…