Alan McCall

5:33pm Apr 10

This was sent to me earlier today, so am sharing it here, FYI. – Alan

NAB LPFM Comments

On low power FM, PETER DOYLE said that while he is proud of the work done to move forward under the Local Community Radio Act, he would wait until the process is complete before celebrating.

The panel also discussed the process of handling the conflicting LPFM and translator interests in digging out from under the application backlog, with OXENFORD and MARTIN saying they think that the number of translator licenses to emerge from the process will be over the thousand some observers have been predicting (DOYLE agreed with the attorneys’ assessment).

“It does seem to be working pretty well,” MARTIN said of the process. BERG pointed out, recounting a client’s commentary, that LPFM applicants often have no idea how expensive and time-consuming operating a radio station is.

DOYLE added the FCC is “on track for an OCTOBER LPFM window,” but said that the next translator window “will have to wait” until the LPFM licensing process is complete, and suggested that a translator window might also have to be preceded by a rulemaking to amend the rules.

Mike Walker

6:06pm Apr 10

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This was sent to me earlier today, so am sharing i…