Nexus Broadcast

9:04am May 7

We’re nearly there! In just about five months now the FCC will open a new filing opportunity for new Low Power FM Radio Stations! It’s been a long road and victory is now in sight.

Are we there yet? Almost! Just a few more months and the FCC will be ready to open this new filing window. Its taken about 13 years to get here, but the wait is now almost over.

If we’re not there yet, Where are we? The Commission has been working on clearing a backlog of thousands of FM translators that were filed primarily by speculators in 2003. To date over 3,000 of these applications which block possible new LPFM radio stations have been dismissed! This is making a tremendous increase in available frequencies for LPFM Radio licensing! This is good news for you! If you have checked on an available LPFM frequency previously and none were available or you weren’t happy with the results, chances are the situation may have changed.

The FCC is currently processing a group of 700 singleton translator applications along with a group of 639 that remained with a mutually exclusive status. Two filing windows were opened last month for technical changes to resolve many of these. Those failing to file required amendments or long forms will be dismissed soon. So much time had passed since the 2003 filing window, many had lost interest or contact with their representatives. This has resulted in many applications set to be dismissed by default. The remaining applications that continue to be tied with another applicant will now continue to auction. This will be the final step just prior to the FCC making the official announcement of the LPFM filing window later this year!

Though the window is just a short fives months away, now is the time you must get started if you wish to apply for a new Low Power FM Radio station in your community. There are several steps you need to take in preparation and this next 5 months will pass quickly. Let’s get started on getting your new radio station on the air today!. As the window approaches engineering firms will be more difficult to retain and pricing will increase as a result of demand. Don’t be caught off guard – get started today!

John Gutierres

1:08pm May 7

Time to get started !

We’re nearly there! In just about five months now…