Easy LPFM Radio Licensing
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Radio Tower with Microwave STL Dish

Start a LPFM Radio Station


Global Spice LLC is selling Nexus branded equipment which is not authorized! It is not coming through our oem and therefore is also not FCC certified! Purchasing equipment from them with the Nexus branding is not covered under the old Nexus FCC certification! Buyer beware! - Additionally Dustin Williams ceo of Global Spice has left a trail of bills from vendors and associates - please contact us if he also owes you money.

The LPFM Store has set up hundreds of low power FM and commercial FM radio stations across the United States, and also supports hundreds of other installations in other parts of the world. We can assist you or your organization to start a new Radio Station - either broadcasting on a low power basis, on a commercial full power FM frequency or the internet.  If you're interesting in starting up a new LPFM radio station or an FM radio station, you're in the right place!

Experienced LPFM Radio Consulting

We are broadcasters ourselves, and are one of the very few  LPFM broadcasters that have made the progression to obtaining a full power FM frequency and operating commercially, enabling us to offer unparalleled support through all the stages of building and operating a radio station.

The LPFM Store offers complete service to help you start up a licensed FM or AM radio station in the United States, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. We can take care of the entire project - from licensing with the FCC to determining the best studio and antenna location, supplying all the equipment for the station, setting up the radio automation software, installing the studio equipment,  to providing training on how to use all the equipment. Simply stated - we help you with starting a FM radio station from start to finish! Lets get started!

Five Dollar Voiceover Dry Reads

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Free News Service For Radio Stations


We’re launching April 20, 2015! Sign up for a free 30 day trial of The Mutual Radio News Network. This service will deliver quality one, three and five minute newscasts every hour via ftp. We’ll even help you set up an automated ftp to download the files each hour. A Non-Commercial and Commercial Feed will be available.  In the first twelve hours of our website launch, ten stations have already signed up!  This is a needed service for LPFM and Non-Commercial Radio.  We understand the needs of the Non-Commercial Radio operator and have tailored this service to fit perfectly. After the first 30 days a small $30 monthly fee will apply for the Non-Commercial feed. This fee can be reduced to only $25 per month with a yearly prepaid contract. The service is also available on a barter basis without charge for licensed commercial stations.  Use the link below to sign up for the no obligation free trial.


Free News Service For Radio Stations!

Sign up for a free 30 day trial of The Mutual Radio News Network. This service will deliver quality one, three and five minute news casts every hour.

The Mutual Radio News service is not affiliated with the defunct Mutual Broadcasting System or Mutual Radio Networks.  Mutual Radio News is a trademark of MutualRadioNews.com