The Channel Finder tool for Low Power FM (LPFM) is designed to help potential applicants easily identify FM broadcast channels that could be utilized for LPFM stations in their respective communities. This search tool incorporates adjustments mandated by the Local Community Radio Act of 2010, Pub. Law 111-371. Notably, it removes the spacing requirements for third-adjacent channel LPFM, with exceptions in place to safeguard Canadian or Mexican stations or FM broadcast stations known for hosting a radio reading service.

It’s important to note that this search tool does not encompass all factors influencing FM band broadcasting, such as terrain effects or interference from distant stations operating on the same or adjacent channels with proper spacing. Additionally, the LPFM Channel Finder does not address the necessary protection for FM translator and FM Booster input signals, as outlined in the Sixth Order on Reconsideration in Dockets 99-25 and 07-172, along with the related October 18, 2013 Public Notice.

Licensing actions occurring before or during an LPFM application filing window may also impact potential LPFM channels. Finally, the tool does not consider factors beyond the FCC’s jurisdiction that could affect site suitability and availability, including local zoning or building codes, environmental considerations, and power access. Applicants are strongly advised to take into account all relevant factors when selecting channels and sites.

Regarding Latitude and Longitude Coordinates, applicants bear the responsibility of accurately determining the NAD. If this search is not showing an available channel don’t give up!ย  Our experienced Engineers may be able to find you something.ย  The LPFM Channel Finder is only a preliminary quick check and should not be used to fully determine feasibility of a Low Power FM Radio Station.ย  Please Contact Nexus Broadcast after you have completed this LPFM Radio Frequency Search.

Users must be aware that neither this website nor Nexus Broadcast shall be responsible or liable for any loss, expense, or damage arising from or incident to the use of this program or the underlying data.ย  This program cannot be used to file an application for an LPFM station or to amend a pending application.ย  Use of the search tool does not confer any authority to operate a radio broadcast station.ย