Transmitter Power Output (TPO) Calculator

In wireless transmission, ERP stands for Effective Radiated Power, which encompasses the total power output of the transmitter, including antenna gain, and minus any losses from transmission, filtering, combining, or interconnecting cables. Calculating ERP can be challenging because transmitter output power is typically expressed in watts, while antenna gain and losses are measured in decibels (dB). The following calculator eliminates the complexity of dealing with different units and allows you to compute ERP based on known transmission parameters. If you wish to calculate only wattage and antenna gain without factoring in the transmission line and its impact, you can achieve this by inputting a low frequency value (0.01 MHz) in the Frequency text box and a very short length in the Transmission Line Length text box (0.01 feet).

You can use this calculator to determine your Transmitter power output (TPO) by adjusting the values in the fields to achieve your licensed ERP.