The FCC’s Audio Division has formally declared a postponement of the filing window for the Third Generation LPFM Radio Filing Window, rescheduled to run from December 6 to December 13, 2023. This decision was prompted by a request from the community, underlining their advocacy for this extension.

A united front of the Low Power FM Radio community and LPFM radio advocates, representing notable organizations such as the Alliance for Community Media, American Association of Independent Music, Association of Affiliates, Austin Airwaves, Common Frequency, Community Media Assistance Project (CMAP), Future of Music Coalition, Indigenous Idaho Alliance, National Federation of Community Broadcasters, Media Alliance, Native Public Media, Pacifica Foundation, Prometheus Radio Project, Sharon Scott / LPFM For Dummies, United Church of Christ Media Justice Ministry, and REC Networks, spearheaded this request. They emphasized the necessity for sufficient time to prepare applications for new construction permits.

The primary objective is to provide a substantial timeframe for interested parties, including boards, governments, and tribal entities, to approve an LPFM Radio project by identifying appropriate locations and compiling thorough applications. Furthermore, non-licensee participants of the Grassroots Radio Conference will now be able to meticulously prepare their applications without being constrained by time.

While being prepared is encouraged, the extra time allocated will enable applicants to comfortably gather essential information.

The current freeze on filing for FM translators and existing LPFM Radio stations will continue.

Get in touch with us now if you are considering applying for a new LPFM radio station! Call (239)42-RADIO (72346).