Gene Rowley

8:29pm Mar 23

Are you a “hobbyist” or are you serious about building your LPFM to help your local community? Do you believe in LPFM as a community asset and that translators as just big stations trying to market grab? If you want to stand up for LPFM, then join us in writing emails to the editor of Radio World. In a recent article, we were called “hobbyists”. Though many of us started in LPFM as a hobby, it has become much more to us. Who called us all hobbyists? Someone in favor LPFM? Nope! In fact, this term was given to us by a proponent of more translators for the big guys.

Get everyone you know to stand up for LPFM. Email Paul McLane at [email protected] and be sure to put “Letter to the Editor” in the subject line. Let’s respectfully defend what we do in LPFM and stop the onslaught of negative press from the “translator crowd”. Who’s with me?

John Gutierres

8:35pm Mar 23

I’m with you!

Alan McCall

8:54pm Mar 23

I saw the comment in Radio World and am working on a letter now.

Gene Rowley

9:07pm Mar 23

Mr. Garziglia of Womble Carlyle called LPFM operators, “… mostly hobby broadcasters that would like to play radio with an LPFM station.” I wonder what statistical data he is using to make such a statement. Perhaps he should go play attorney and learn to say things that can be verified with facts.

Are you a “hobbyist” or are you serious about buil…