Twilight ZoneThe Federal Communications Commission is back in business today October 17! All of the commission services needed for putting together and filing a Low Power FM Radio application are back online. In fact the window is open and accepting applications right now! This came at a bit of surprise as most of us in the industry expect the Commission to address the window and how they were going to deal with the days lost from the shutdown. And necessary prep and staging time was lost two weeks prior to the October 15th scheduled window opening date. Instead the Commission turned everything back on and the window is now in progress. Most LPFM advocates do not feel this is a fair situation and have been in contact with FCC staffers to address this situation. The advocates are pushing for an extra week (past the 11/14 date).. there is some congressional intervention also taking place.. let’s see where it goes. Still a lot of talk, this is a fluid situation right now. It does look like we have a solid extension of the closure of the window pending for November 14th. However a petition is in place to extend that to November 21st.

For now we know this for sure, the window is open NOW. If you intend to apply you need to take necessary steps immediately to ensure there is enough time to prepare your applications and file during this open window. Depending on your situation, even at an accelerated pace, there are several steps in preparation you must take that could take several days. We have ways of accelerating this process, but you will need to call is today to make sure you don’t lose this very rare opportunity. Call us today at 888-672-4234

We will keep you informed of the LPFM filing window closure dates and any further Low Power FM Radio information at and on our automated hotline at 903-550-0203 This free hotline will remain available throughout the LPFM Radio filing window.