government shutdownThe and Nexus Broadcast, LLC continue to operate and prepare LPFM applications with proprietary software.  Nexus has re-tooled and is no longer dependent on operational government services.  We are now preparing LPFM applications at full tilt and expect to be back on schedule by the end of the week. These new tools have increased our productivity.  As a result we now have several additional application spots available in our que.  We do not know at this time if  the filing window for Low Power FM Radio will be delayed, extended or postponed.  We all must be ready in the event the Commission opens the LPFM Radio filing window on time or with just a few days delay.  If you are interested in applying for a new Low Power FM Radio station in the October FCC filing window, it is imperative that you contact us right now.   There are some steps you will need to take prior to filing the application.  We will walk you through every aspect of this process.  Contact us at 888-672-4234 to get started.  For Government Shutdown updates – call 903-550-0203 for an updated pre-recorded message.     Alternatly you can receive updates at: