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Monthly Archives: April 2012

File Your LPFM 99-25 Comments Today!

LPFM Needs your input! Comments Due by May 7th, 2012 

File your comments for the current LPFM proceeding 99-25.  This comment filing opportunity will close on May 7th with reply comments due by May 21st, so please do not procrastinate.  Your comments will help shape the new LPFM service.  Your comments and data are not retained by this system and are transferred directly into the FCC’s ECFS system instantly when you press submit.

Some key points  and items the FCC is  considering that you may want to comment on:

  • Upgrade service to 250 watts for new and existing LPFM Stations
  • Consideration of a waiver system to allow second adjacent waiver filings where a fully spaced LPFM is not available.
  • Removal of LP-10 CLass – replacing with LP-250 Class
  • Removal of I .F.  Channel Minimum Distance Separation Requirements
  • Requirement Tha t  Applicant Be Community-Based
  • Eligibility of  Native Nations
  • Cross-Ownership (LPFM stations / Translator Stations)
  • Multiple Ownership (For native nations)
  • Various changes to the Point System  & Eligibility 
  • Third-Adjacent Channel Interference Complaints and Remediation
  • LPFM Interference Protection and Remediation Requirements
  • Procedures for handling interference to translators by LPFM

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FCC Fast Tracks LPFM Window

On February 22nd, 2012 FCC Audio Chief Peter Doyle was a panelist at the annual National Religious Broadcasters Conference at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. The first question concerned LPFM and translators with several related follow-up questions.… Continue reading

LPFM Window To Open Prior to Election

Much internet chatter indicates we would expect to hear from the FCC on two major policy issues that are the result of years of work by Nexus Broadcast and supporters like you. The FCC will be releasing its final rules to preserve… Continue reading

FCC Complete LPFM Market Analysis, Anticipates New Applications

The FCC is busy working on new low-power FM rules in light of December’s Community Radio Act of 2010 that allows elimination of third-adjacent channel protections for full-power FMs to fit new LPFMs on the band.

Audio Division Chief Peter Doyle said, “We’ve done extensive market-by-market analysis” about where new low-power stations could be allocated. The protection changes will “provide meaningful opportunities for LPFMs” even in large markets, he told attendees of “The FCC And You” session at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.

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